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4 Xitsonga Songs That Make Us Go Loco

Before we even get into it, please allow us to just put it to you that we are no music experts so we are not reviewing any songs.

We just want to talk about the songs that cause so much havoc whenever the beat drops. These are songs that also drive us into making the circle bigger.

Swani Fanela – Benny Mayengani

Meaning: It Suits Me

Genre: Traditional Song

Mayengani sings about what he’s been blessed with so far. We hear him mention his newly found lover, the ability to have travelled the world and his success as a music artist despite the ‘hate’ he’s shown every now and then. Loosely translated, everything that he has achieved, it’s because he’s blessed and no one can that away from him. We love this song and are pretty sure that everyone else also go as crazy when it plays. We believe Mayengani kept the original percussion and beat of traditional Tsonga songs where it doesn’t require you to burn so much of your energy when dancing. It is slow and nicely paced. It is the kind of song that reminds us of our childhood, when our parents and grandparents would cheerfully dance like no one is watching.

Ahi Fambi – Dala Fam

Meaning: Let’s go

Genre: Rap

Imagine meeting a beautiful girl at club or party and just tell her “Let’s go!”  That’s what the song is about. It’s a club song and the fact that Dala Fam has been doing a club-to-club around SA for the Ahi Fambi official video means it is definitely a club banger.

Macucu Banga – DJ Ganyani ft. Sasi Jozi

Meaning: Nursery Game

Genre: House

Macucu Banga is a title of a childhood game that required children to sit next to each other on the floor with their legs straightened out then count each leg with each syllable of the words. We are not sure what the point of the game was but it was so much fun, kids of today playing with smart phones would never understand even if we tried explaining. Sasi Jozi in the song reminisces of how carefree we were as children and also innocent while at the same time wishing to go back in time because children are full of love.

Hi Xisuti – Mr Post

Meaning:  Using a waist/By a waist (difficult to translate)

Genre: Tsonga Electro

When women twerk, men go bananas! And that’s a worldwide fact.  In this song, Mr. Post sings about the ease of how a woman’s waist twirls when she dances. When Xitsonga women dance, they wear a skirt called Xibelani and shake it from side to side using their waists and hips. However, sometimes when dancing, the Xibelani looks like a hula-hoop; at least that’s what the song implies…we think! Moving on to the beat; it is a banger! You just want to get up, dance and be happy.

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