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5 Master Origins For Coffee Connoisseurs

If you’re a coffee connoisseur then you’ll be excited about the latest coffee range that’s been mastered by craftsmen and inspired by the land.

This Heritage Month, Nespresso launched the Master Origin coffee range which has been crafted in different parts of the world, i.e. Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Nicaragua and Colombia. The event saw A-Media Listers, VIPs, music and food lovers come together to enjoy the diverse blend of coffees as J Something MC’d the event. Guests were treated to coffees made from the Master Origin range, coffee sangria’s, coffee cocktails, food and entertained by good music as MICASA took to the stage. Each of the Master Origin can be enjoyed as an espresso, find out where these different coffees were crafted together with their unique and distinct flavours that represent the Heritage of each country from which they originate:

Master Origin 1: Indonesia

1.      Flavour profile: Rich & Woody

2.      Processing technique: Wet hulling

3.      The constant humidity in Sumatra has led farmers to hull their beans when still wet, creating a distinctly rich, velvety texture and wild, woody taste.

Master Origin 2: Ethiopia

1.      Flavour profile: Flowery and Bright

2.      Processing technique: Natural dry processing

3.      The local farmers in Ethiopia have perfected the ancient dry-processing technique over many years, drying their whole coffee cherries in the highland sun to cultivate delicate fruity flavours.

Master Origin 3: India

1.      Flavour profile: Intense and Spicy

2.      Processing technique: Monsoon

3.      The powerful wet monsoon winds sweep into India’s Malabar coasts for months. Our partner farmers harness their power to cultivate a coffee of incredible intensity.

Master Origin 4: Nicaragua

1.      Flavour profile: Sweet and Harmonious

2.      Processing technique: Black honey

3.      In the highland vales of Nicaragua, our black honey coffee is hand raked every hour under the hot sun to absorb the sweet flavours from its fruit.

Master Origin 5: Colombia

1.      Flavour profile: Fruity and Vibrant

2.      Processing technique: Late harvest

3.      We introduced the late-harvest technique to the high forests and rolling hills of Colombia. The coffee is left to mature on the branch much later, and with each new day that dawns, each individual cherry must be assessed and picked only if it’s perfectly ready.



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