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56 Xitsonga Unisex Names to Name Your Child

Why do we have names? It is for recognition purposes and to also identify one from the other but in Africa, names are a form of a statement.

They are either personal stories by parents, a reminder to an individual affected by the birth of a child whereas some names are honorary, symbolic and ancestral – this also applies in Xitsonga culture. As modern and open-minded individuals, we seem not to mind naming our children using names from other ethnic groups. If you’re not Tsonga and would like to give your child a Xitsonga name, below are common unisex names and together with their meanings. And if you’re already part of the Xitsonga group; keep making the circle bigger by choosing your favourite to name your child.

  1. Amukelani – Accept or Recognize
  2. Amukelo – Acceptance
  3. Andziso –Growth
  4. Dzunisani – Praise.
  5. Endlani – Deed
  6. Engetelo – Addition
  7. Fumani – Be Wealthy
  8. Hetisani – Finish up what we’ve started
  9. Hlamalani – Wonder
  10. Hlawulani – Choose
  11. Hlayisani – Protect
  12. Hlulani – Be Victorious (Shangazine Editor’s name)
  13. Khensani – Give Thanks
  14. Kulani – Grow
  15. Langutani – Unisex. Behold
  16. Lwandle – Sea
  17. Langavi – Flame
  18. Mahlori – Wonders
  19. Masungulo – Beginnings
  20. Matimba – Power or Strength
  21. Matimu – History made
  22. Mfanelo – Noble Duty
  23. Miyelani – Be Serene
  24. Mixo – Dawn or Morning
  25. Mpimo – Dimension or Measure
  26. Muhluri – Victor
  27. Musa – Kindness
  28. Muvumbi  – Creator
  29. Nhlamulo – Solution
  30. Nhlawuleko – Chosen
  31. Nhluvuko – Progress
  32. Nkateko – Lucky
  33. Nsovo – Compassion or Mercy
  34. Nsuku – Golden
  35. Ntiyiso – Truth
  36. Ntsako – Happiness
  37. Ntshembo – Faith or Trust
  38. Ntshuxeko – Freedom
  39. Ntsumi – Angel
  40. Nyiko – Gift
  41. Rhulani – Be Peaceful
  42. Risima – Value
  43. Rito – Voice of Honour
  44. Tinyiko – Gifts
  45. Tirhani – Work Together
  46. Tiyiselani – Have Endurance
  47. Tlangelani – Rejoice
  48. Tsakani – Be Happy
  49. Vonani – Behold
  50. Vulani – Speak Volumes
  51. Vutlhari – Wisdom
  52. Vutomi – Life
  53. Xihlamariso – Surprise
  54. Xikombiso – Example
  55. Xilombe – Sweet Voice
  56. Xitshembiso – Promise

Image: Halama Ink Media.

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Hlulani Masingi

Hlulani Masingi, also known as Hlulz; is a young, vibrant and witty black South African Tsonga woman with a solid education and seven years media experience. She graduated at the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelors Degree in Media Studies and English Literature and Honours Degree in Media Studies and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in African Languages and Linguistics in the Media at the same institution.

Born in Johannesburg and raised at ka-Mhinga, an underpriviledged village in Limpopo, Hlulani is a determined individual and regardless of her impoverished background, she has a variety of interests that include PR, Communications, Marketing and Events, her passion is Creative Writing. She has always had a strong thirst for knowledge and could already write the word ‘mother’ in her home language at the age of four. She started her first year of varsity at the age of 16. After working as an Online Editor from 2014 until 2017, Hlulani Masingi founded Shangazine – an online title focused on celebrating Xitsonga people’s traditional and contemporary lifestyle.

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  1. Go Girl Go! I love work you have done in terms of putting Xitsonga names on the map; and explaining their meanings so accurately. I hope you can also prepare a Xitsonga dictionary and bi-lingual one. God bless you

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