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Top 10 Comments on Giyani – Land of Blood

It has been a long time coming since 1994 and since the announcement of the first Xitsonga telenovela, Giyani – Land of Blood; Tsonga people waited with bated breath to catch the first episode on 1 April 2019…no April Fool’s joke!

The drama series is set in the heart of Limpopo and brings to life two families locked in a bitter, decades-long squabble over a banana plantation which was recently given to the people of Risinga in Giyani. The first episode sparked a lot of praise and criticism on Twitter and Facebook streets especially among the Tsonga speaking people. While it made some people proud to be Tsonga, other Tsonga people had a lot to say about the language and actors. In trying to find out what people actually think; we asked on Facebook and IG and below are the top 10 opinions:











Giyani – Land of Blood airs on SABC 2 every Monday to Wednesdays at 8.30 PM.

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Hlulani Masingi

Hlulani Masingi, also known as Hlulz; is a young, vibrant and witty black South African Tsonga woman with a solid education and seven years media experience. She graduated at the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelors Degree in Media Studies and English Literature and Honours Degree in Media Studies and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in African Languages and Linguistics in the Media at the same institution.

Born in Johannesburg and raised at ka-Mhinga, an underpriviledged village in Limpopo, Hlulani is a determined individual and regardless of her impoverished background, she has a variety of interests that include PR, Communications, Marketing and Events, her passion is Creative Writing. She has always had a strong thirst for knowledge and could already write the word ‘mother’ in her home language at the age of four. She started her first year of varsity at the age of 16. After working as an Online Editor from 2014 until 2017, Hlulani Masingi founded Shangazine – an online title focused on celebrating Xitsonga people’s traditional and contemporary lifestyle.

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